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Director of Retail Operations

Chris Brychun

Chris is the one that is ultimately responsible for the overall success of Pitchfork Market + Kitchen – starting with our first store in Saskatoon and then including the other locations across the west. More specifically, Chris is in charge of the business operations, the internal team, and the overall customer experience. Given that we’re dealing with a grocery store, you could say that he’s the ‘Big Cheese’.

As someone who believes in a supportive and collaborative workplace culture, Chris is always in search of ways to create an inspiring work environment for his team and to lead others to strive for continual improvement in everything they do. 

Over  the years Chris has held leadership positions at some of the most highly respected and recognized retail organizations in the country–including within the grocery sector. During this time, he’s managed teams of 300+ while managing distribution centres,  building-out & launching mega-sized retail centres, and overseeing the perishable department for a leading grocery chain.  Needless to say, Chris has always had a passion for retail–which accounts for the fact that he’s dedicated over 30 years of his career  to this sector.  And now with the Pitchfork concept of meshing a grocery store and restaurant, Chris has found his latest passion and challenge…and it’s one that he feels he was born to excel at.

Corporate Chef

Daniel Walker

As our Corporate Chef, Daniel is the one who takes on the visionary aspects of creating the entire menu program for an array of fresh-made meals that rival many cafes and restaurants.

Moving to Vancouver in the mid 90s, Chef Daniel started his cooking career by taking his culinary diploma at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts.  After graduating, he took on his first restaurant with Chef Herve Martin at L’Hermitage on Robson Street in Vancouver. He then moved on to the Delta Vancouver Suites and started an apprenticeship under Chef Ray Henry.  Chef Daniel also valued his time at the world-famous Chateau Whistler and Bacchus at the Wedgewood in BC. He moved back to Saskatoon in the early 2000’s, learning the local scene within hotel kitchens in the city, and with Remi Cousyn at Calories.

In 2006 Chef Daniel branched out to open his own restaurant: Weczeria food and wine. The restaurant was an early trailblazer in Saskatoon for the farm to table concept and made a name for itself in showcasing the personal relationships that the business cultivated with the farmers and growers, as well as their outstanding, unique, and often custom-grown produce.  And now, with Pitchfork Market + Kitchen Chef Daniel has the opportunity to be an integral part of a new culinary concept in a changing Saskatoon–as the creative leader within a neighborhood grocery concept featuring delectable, chef-inspired creations.


Store Manager

Trevor Porter

At the store level, Trevor is the one who’s responsible for the selection, freshness and overall quality of all the grocery products within the market. As Pitchfork’s Store Manager, he also directly supports and collaborates with our Director of Retail Operations.

The retail grocery sector is something that Trevor has been involved in for the better part of his career–for over 25 years. During this time he’s worked for significant periods of time for two of the most recognized and respected retail organizations–where he excelled in multiple positions within various departments. But as committed as Trevor is to retail, he launched and operated his own restaurant for nearly seven years.

As a Servant Leader, Trevor will tell you that his most meaningful accomplishment is in being able to support, mentor, and lead individuals to higher levels of responsibility. In fact, over the years, he’s done this for nearly four dozen colleagues.  In addition to supporting the growth and professional development of his staff, Trevor is equally as committed to his customers.  It may sound cliche, but Trevor is always in search of ways to provide customers the most helpful service and memorable experience anywhere.

With his hands-on experience & expertise in both the grocery AND restaurant sectors, along with his commitment to supporting both staff and customers we couldn’t imagine anyone else being more well-suited for a leadership role with Pitchfork Market + Kitchen.  We’re pretty sure you’ll agree, as well.

Store Manager in training

Rob Sass

Rob may not yet be a Store Manager with Pitchfork Market + Kitchen, but it’s a role he has excelled at with some of the largest and most recognized retailer brands in the country.  Throughout his 35 year career, Rob has held leadership positions with Real Canadian Superstore, IGA, Walmart Canada, and Giant Tiger. 


One of Rob’s key guiding principles is providing customers with the absolute best shopping possible, at all times. And he believes that an ongoing commitment to detail throughout the store is the key to achieving this goal. One example of this commitment was when, as a Manager with Giant Tiger, Rob’s store was honoured as the ‘Best Store Standards In Canada’ for three consecutive years. In fact Pitchfork Market’s commitment to an elevated level of store standards is one of the main reasons that Rob joined our organization in the first place. 


Regardless of any accolades or achievements he has received as a leader, Rob will be the first to tell you that strong leaders are built around the strong team and that none of that success happens without the support and buy-in of an engaged and well-trained team. Over the years Rob has led and trained over 10,000 team members and has stressed the importance “there is only one boss, and that’s the customer”, to each of them. But beyond teaching the fundamentals of customer service and store standards, Rob is especially proud of the impact he has had on the personal and professional development of so many of his team members.  


Many of Rob’s core values are also shared by Pitchfork Market + Kitchen which is why he chose to join our team, in the first place. As a proud Sakatchewanite, being part of an organization with local roots and a community-minded approach to serving customers is also very important to Rob.  



Head Chef

Bret Eldstrom

As Head Chef, Bret is the one responsible for the daily operation of the kitchen in the first Pitchfork Market + Kitchen location; this includes food quality, food service, and kitchen brigade management. He’s also the one that supports our Corporate Chef when he thinks big–by anticipating and taking care of the smallest of details.

Working his way up through the ranks of various kitchens to eventually becoming a Red Seal chef, Bret’s culinary career has included working in England, Italy and across Canada. Regardless of where he hangs his chef’s hat, Bret’s culinary focus has always been and will continue to be a leader in sustainability.

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of Canada in Prince Edward Island. There, he was also chosen to represent team Prince Edward Island at the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany, winning a silver medal. So we invite you to visit our Kitchen to sample some of Chef Bret’s delectable (and award-winning) creations.

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